Texas Basketball Association

Texas Basketball Association

Texas Basketball Association

Started in 2013, The TBA has brought in many different teams from all over Texas. With top Teams in the state, to new teams who are new to the scene.

The TBA has seen multiple players from the 20 teams to have an opportunity go over seas, play in Mexico, and many pro teams in the USA.  With TBA vision to promote and conduct a positive leisure-time activity that encourages fitness, healthy competition, and an atmosphere conducive for fun and fellowship in the form of competitive basketball for players and spectators. The TBA will allow players to advance their skills at a competitive level, to further their careers in basketball. 

North and South

Texas Basketball Association

Texas Basketball Association

The TBA has teams from Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, Waco, and East TX. In 2020, the TBA will have 20 teams. Stay tuned to find out which teams will compete in the TBA.  Each local TBA teams are encourage to work within their communities to promote, create and fosters grassroots mentoring, to inspire local youths and any community service volunteering.

TBA Team Highlights

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2019 TBA MVP

Check out the Texas Basketball Association MVP. DK Eldridge who avg. 45.6 points per game as well as 11 assists and 13 rebounds a game. 

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Texas Basketball Association

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